Four months ago, Bijcollege has initiated a strategic partnership with organisations and institutions from Romania, Turkey, Italy and France, in order to start a European project on dropout reduction. Together we have applied for the European Unions` Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships to financially support our project IQ²: ‘Improving Quantitative study success, by Improving Quality of students’ transitions to higher education’.

IQ² focuses on increasing higher education completion rates, by improving the quality of students` transition from secondary to higher education. With the support of Erasmus+ we aim to develop new methods or improve existing methods to reduce dropout rates amongst students in higher education, in order to successfully educate young people and to provide them with the right skills and career guidance for a brighter future.

Each partner country is represented by an organisation with expanded experience in educational projects and a widespread network of students, high schools and higher education institutions. Partner countries are also represented by a university that provides relevant knowledge regarding needs and possibilities in higher education, and students who are willing to participate in the project by testing IQ² tools. The composition of the partnership and the writing of the grant application, have been realised after numerous Skype meetings, emails, phone calls and a live meeting in Budapest. During the live meeting, we fine-tuned the project by elaborating on the projects` scope, project management and intellectual output.

Reducing dropout rates amongst European students in higher education is a common challenge for the EU . The strategic partnership is confident that IQ²`s innovative, integral and international approach, fully addresses this challenge, and will contribute significantly to the increase of human capital in Europe.

We are all looking forward to hear from the Dutch National Agency, NUFFIC in July or August, on whether the application has been granted.
Bijcollege likes to thank the strategic partners for their effort in this challenging, yet hopefully rewarding, application for the grant.